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Air Cleaning & Purification


  • Electronic Air Cleaners Cleans and purifies the air and provides respiratory relief by removing dust, pollen, and other foreign matter.
  • ElectroStatic Air Cleaners Removes particles from air using the force of an induced electrostatic charge. Electrostatic air cleaners can easily remove fine particulate matter such as dust and smoke from the air stream.
  • Dehumidifers A dehumidifier is a household appliance that reduces the level of humidity in the air, usually for health reasons, as humid air can cause mold and mildew to grow inside homes (summer)
  • Humidifiers A humidifier is a household appliance the increases the level of humidity in the air. While heating your home the air lowers humidity causing dry skin, dry throat, nose bleeds and many other unpleasant sinus issues (winter)
  • UV (Ultra Violet lamps) Air Cleaners Anti-microbial Germicidal effect disinfects the air. Kills germs, bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold spores such as stachybotrys and black mold.